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Jewelry - Care Tips


All our jewels are compliant with European REACH regulations. They do not contain nickel, lead or cadmium. Tests are carried out with organizations approved by the State. They are water resistant, do not oxidize and do not blacken.

The Gold Plated present on our jewelry is made on a hypo-allergenic brass base . The thickness of gold deposited is 3 microns minimum, without tolerance of dispersion, in accordance with the French legislation . To optimize the gold's durability over time, the plating is made exclusively with 18-carat gold, which protects the jewel from natural oxidation .

Our Silver jewellery is made from 925/000 silver (i.e. 925gr of Fine Silver for 1000gr of alloy). They are rhodium-plated to permanently protect them from oxidation.

Care instructions

The gold plating of our jewelry (3 microns 18 carats), rhodium-plated 925 silver, and our natural stones, guarantee your jewelry a long and beautiful life. Nevertheless, it is important to take care of it! Here are some daily tips to keep your jewelry sparkling for years to come:

You should avoid contact with water, soap and hydroalcoholic gel (especially salty or chlorinated water). It is therefore best to remove your jewelry when you wash your hands.

When you're not wearing them, don't leave your jewelry out in the open air: store it carefully in its case. It is best to avoid sleeping with your jewelry on. You can wipe your jewelry with a soft, dry cloth to clean it of small everyday deposits.

Avoid wearing your jewelery during sporting activities to protect it from bumps and scratches.

It is also best to avoid contact with your perfume, your cosmetics, cleaning products or solvents, which could attack the gold and damage the natural stones.