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Article: Zodiac sign of Scorpio - Jewelry, stones and lithotherapy

Signe astro du Scorpion - Bijoux, pierres et lithothérapie

Zodiac sign of Scorpio - Jewelry, stones and lithotherapy

The astrological sign of Scorpio, symbol ♏︎, is linked to people born between October 23 and November 22 in tropical astrology.

Its ruling planet is Pluto, which symbolizes secrecy, destruction and reconstruction, the occult, regeneration. Its colors are red and black. Its element is Water.

This fascinating and secret nature is difficult to know. Mysterious, passionate, and insightful, he is endowed with a penetrating intelligence. His willpower gives him the ability to tap into his inner resources. This allows him to transform his feelings into creations, his sufferings into rebirths, and his failures into challenges to be met. He seeks fusion with the other or with a group, in order to be able to exchange energies on a deep and intense level. His need for the absolute sometimes leads him to achieve great things. But his intransigence and his obsessive side lead him to cultivate his grudges, to plot his revenge or sink into self-destruction.

Its assets: transformation, mutation, magnetism, intensity, passion, power, regeneration, rebirth, requirement, reconstruction, mastery, secret, occult, initiation, instinct, detection, self-analysis , questioning, drive.

Its shortcomings: Destruction, Anguish, Vengeance, Grudge, Possession, Resentment.

Scorpio Stones

Moonstone: happiness, intuition, sweetness. It brings tolerance, calms excessive reactions and soothes stress.
Labradorite: protection, well-being, positive. It protects and avoids absorbing other people's problems and intrusive burdens.
Rhodonite: balance, protection, softness. It encourages the spontaneous expression of feelings, promotes a climate of tranquility and comfort.
Garnet: creativity, vitality, passion. It strengthens determination, gives courage and strength. It would boost vigor and physical ardor.
Rose Quartz: love, tenderness, peace. It is the stone of love, of relationships. It promotes harmony and serenity.
Amethyst: Peace, protection, balance. It is a stone of wisdom, of temperance. It acts against stress and calms anxieties.

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