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Article: Zodiac sign Leo - Jewelry, stones and lithotherapy

Signe astro du Lion - Bijoux, pierres et lithothérapie

Zodiac sign Leo - Jewelry, stones and lithotherapy

The astrological sign of Leo, symbol ♌︎, is linked to people born between July 23 and August 22 in tropical astrology.

His planet is the Sun, symbolizing radiance, ambition, confidence, loyalty, courage, generosity. Its color is yellow. Its element is Fire.

The Leo is a natural ruler, he likes to govern others, to be at the center of the "stage" and to be adulated seems obvious to him! Of a warm, charming, benevolent, courageous and loyal nature, most often displaying confidence and joie de vivre, he likes to enjoy special treatment, because his immense pride is at stake. Creative and passionate, when he believes in himself , astonishing things can happen, but if this conviction is destroyed, he recovers from it with difficulty. His desire to want to dominate, to control, can make him tyrannical. Proud, he can become contemptuous if he is offended or betrayed, and then becomes a beast in the arena.

His strengths: royalty, radiance, appearance, ambition, confidence, dignity, assurance, endurance, creation, generosity, decision, leader, warmth, courage, power, glory, light, loyalty , enthusiasm, pride, will, requirement, prestige, benevolence, charisma, passion, love, brilliance.

His shortcomings: pretentiousness, touchiness, vanity, self-centeredness, brashness, pride, dominance, bossy, arrogance.

Lion Stones

Garnet: creativity, vitality, passion. It strengthens determination, gives courage and strength. It would boost vigor and physical ardor.
Rose Quartz: love, tenderness, peace. It is the stone of love, of relationships. It promotes harmony and serenity.
Zoisite Ruby : energy, motivation, charisma. It is the symbol of life, of strength. It is the stone of power and ambition.

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