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Article: Astro sign of Sagittarius - Jewelry, stones and lithotherapy

Signe astro du Sagittaire - Bijoux, pierres et lithothérapie

Astro sign of Sagittarius - Jewelry, stones and lithotherapy

The astrological sign of Sagittarius, symbol ♐︎, is linked to people born between November 23 and December 21 in tropical astrology.

Its ruling planet is Jupiter, symbolizing expansion, fulfillment, justice and law, legalization, optimism, luck and protection, but also exaggeration. Its color is royal blue. Its element is Fire.

Sagittarius aspires to transcendence (physical and philosophical), to adventure, to travel. Desire for freedom, he hopes to find in unlimited spaces answers allowing him to realize himself. He is jovial, sociable, frank. His optimism and enthusiasm are a great support in his projects. His fiery nature, with successive outbursts, pushes him to undertake. He is insatiable. Ideals have priority in his life. But he can be over the top, a rebellious libertarian, tactless, impulsive and take spectacular risks. And sometimes neglecting his duties and responsibilities, because he can't stand the constraints.

Its strengths: optimism, evolution, quest, adventure, freedom, idealism, philosophy, belief, law, aspiration, spirituality, teaching, space, stranger, religion, representation, guide, protector , frankness, indomitable, spontaneity, joviality, expansion, travel, generosity.

Its shortcomings: exaggeration, nervousness, authoritarianism, fanaticism.

Sagittarius Stones

Amethyst: peace, protection, balance. It is a stone of wisdom, of temperance. It acts against stress and calms anxieties and causes balance and serenity.

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