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Article: Zodiac sign of Gemini - Jewelry, stones and lithotherapy

Signe astro du Gémeaux - Bijoux, pierres et lithothérapie

Zodiac sign of Gemini - Jewelry, stones and lithotherapy

The astrological sign of Gemini, symbol ♊︎, is linked to people born between May 21 and June 21 in tropical astrology.

Its ruling planet is Mercury, which symbolizes communication, reasoning and intelligence, lightness, mental and physical flexibility, movement and exchange. Its color is multicolored. Its element is Air.

Gemini has a split personality. He can be charming, brilliant, communicative, sociable, childish, joking, always on the lookout for novelties, his ideas are numerous and prompt, his multiple tasks natural. He is a "jack-of-all-trades", his versatile mind is his greatest asset. Thanks to his highly developed verbal talents, he flutters around, processes several pieces of information at the same time and may lack the concentration to focus on a particular subject for a long time. He can change his mind quickly. He has a loose tongue and no qualms about disguising the truth, manipulating and persuading. He can hide his true feelings, as he is not comfortable with his emotions.

Its strengths: communication, adolescence, liveliness, exchange, adaptability, breathing, relationship, sociability, intelligence, youth of soul, curiosity of mind, writing, animation, eloquence, ingenuity.

Its shortcomings: duality, superficiality, fickleness, fickleness, scattering.

Gemini Stones

Blue Agate: softness, comfort, peace.
Black Agate: protection, calm, stability
Red Agate: balance, peace, protection
Agate, this stone of various colors justifies its analogy with the sign of Gemini, which is distinguished by its multiple faces , his numerous and prompt ideas, his adaptability, his adaptability, his curiosity.

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