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Article: Libra zodiac sign - Jewelry, stones and lithotherapy

Signe astro de la Balance - Bijoux, pierres et lithothérapie

Libra zodiac sign - Jewelry, stones and lithotherapy

The astrological sign of Libra, symbol ♎︎, is linked to people born between 22- September 23 and October 22-23 in tropical astrology.

Her ruling planet is Venus, symbol of beauty, love and harmony. Its colors are blue and green. Its element is Air.

The Libra is the symbol of balance and justice. Driven to compromise, to concessions, to tact, she is charming, adaptable, amiable, sociable, harmonious. Relationships are vital to her. She strives to please everyone. The deep desire for union can arouse intense emotions, affectivity has an important place. Libra has powers of negotiation and mediation and has a vocation for diplomacy. But any pressure pushing to make a decision is felt as stress, she panics in front of the urgency of a choice and the need to decide. Attached to conventions, she is afraid of disappointing or being rejected. This is why she finds it so hard to say no, sometimes falls into compromise and often lacks a conquering will.

Its strengths: relationship, diplomacy, balance, harmony, choice, sociability, union, marriage, peace, seduction, complementarity, collaboration, fairness, conciliation, aesthetics, refinement, taste, thoughtfulness , sense of justice, affectivity, tact.

Its shortcomings: decisiveness, hesitation, frivolity, uncertainty, fickleness.

Stones of Libra

Rose Quartz: love, tenderness, peace. It is the stone of love, of relationships. It promotes harmony and serenity.
Amazonite: love, compassion, forgiveness. It is a stone of harmony, balance, tenderness, which allows more spontaneous affective communication and promotes fulfillment.
Peridot: vitality, balance , self-confidence. It keeps our balance. It is the stone of bliss.
Rhodonite: balance, protection, softness. It encourages the spontaneous expression of feelings, promotes a climate of tranquility and comfort.

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